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All about the perfect cut ...
Set in - of course - a paper world, PAPERCUT challenges the player to build the highest tower out of paper cuts. Sounds easy, but try to beat the world record without bringing down the whole construction. That might be harder than you think...

Now its your turn to build up the highest papercut tower on top of a mountain, on a shaky boat, on the moon, on a ferries wheel, on top of New York, in the night ... Try your best cuts and get PAPERCUT on the App Store ... in a few days

Have fun together

PAPERCUT is a challenging multiplayer game as well so you can compete against your friends. Try to place your papercut so it doesn't fall down while trying to give the other players a hard time to place their paper cuts after yours. Whoever brings the tower down is guilty ... so you better watch out when you make your cut


Instead of trying to make the other players bring down the construction you can also try to build the highest tower as a group ... and eventually beat the world record together?

Coming up ...

Online turn-based multiplayer mode. Compete with your friends who are miles away through Game Center or Google Play.

More Levels.

Are you a paper cut master?

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Feel creative? More a creational tool than a game, PAPERCUT Creator allows you to create your own paper cut worlds. Only your imagination is your limit. With this tool, you can also create you own levels for other PAPERCUT games. The levels you created can be shared so everyone can enjoy them.


More to come ... check back regularly