Submission to hackathon:
Why easyCommpose? I studied the piano in Vienna (well technically I'm still studying at the music university) and always thought that there must be a clever way to easily make music sketches on electronic devices with touch / or pen. I saw at your blog that you know about staffPad which many musicians (at least here in Vienna) know. Problem is that only few musicians have a microsoft device. On iOS (which many musicians use) alternatives are not really available. There is notateMe, but it is far away from the myscript api in my opinion.
So easyCommpose would definitely fill a gap / solve a pain in the market for musicians and I always wanted to build an app like this before - now this would be the perfect chance ...

current status of easyCompose: the current version of easyCompose has been created in less than 2 days. The main thing which is noting down melodies works fine. Because of current limit in the api it only works if you write from left to right and never edit an older entry than the current one. Touch on the right end of the screen to reveal more space in your score. Scroll animations can be currently a little bit choppy as in this demo no acceleration is used.
For the real case scenario please try it on a tablet as easyCommpose is an App for tablets (where touch input is the best way to insert music).

If easyCommpose could convince you I would really like to work on this app (and be able to fully concentrate on it) and bring it to the app store within ~ 1 month as a christmas present to all musicians ;-)
What I would like to integrate (which I didn't have time to do right now): Handwrite detection for chord names, editing and of course all the other things that are important for musicians. This would be a dream come true ... at least one of many :-)

All the best from Vienna,


Draw notes in the staff and watch them turn into real notes. Delete them, put an accidental in front of them ...
Too little space for your musical ideas? Click / touch the white bar on the right side to scroll.
Soon you will be able to export your sketches as MIDI to sequencers to use your ideas immediately for your electronic compositions / soundtracks!
Because of the current API-limits please start to draw left and always draw newer notes to the right.

Right now I'm also thinking about different names for this version of the app and maybe save easyCommpose for a bigger version suitable for composers of full scores (more staffs at once like staffPad). Other names I'm thinking about are: noteSketch, musicSketch ...

welcome to easyCompose. This is for demo purpose only and is part of an app for tablets. click for more info